How do we extract the best of the earth – 

Produce is delivered to our LAB

We select meticulously our fresh produce from the best suppliers, and prioritise organic when possible . Produce are delivered to our LAB where we can start the process.
We wash, peel and chop the fruits and vegetables with care, and remove any impurities at our purposely built lab


cold pressing

Using our state of the art hydraulic press machine, all the juice is slowly squeezed out of the fruits and vegetables between two plates at high pressure. As a result of 'zero-heat' extraction, our cold pressed juice preserve the valuable enzymes and vitamins that any real healthy juice should contain.
We purposely produce no more than 5 litres at a time to ensure the high and constant quality of our juices. That is why our process is particularly slow and laborious.
After testing the juice for quality and flavour, we start bottling them up by hand, one bottle at a time. After this, we label and date them, ready to be consumed by our happy customers !