Making healthy plant-based nutrition accessible across Seychelles, determined to create products that are guilt-free and packed with goodness.

our mission

Everyone should have access to the nutrition that makes our bodies thrive. That is our birthright.

All tropical island lovers should have easy access to a pure fruit juice full of nutrients, without any additional syrup, refined sugar or chemical preservatives.

At ROOTS Juicery, we envision a world where diet and lifestyle-related illnesses vanish because all people have an awareness of, equitable access to healthy products. The healing powers of raw food have been proven again and again, with such regimens being prescribed to address concerns with inflammation, diabetes, dietary nutrition and in support of cancer treatment.

ROOTS Juicery’s role in fulfilling the vision of a healthier world is two-fold: First, we aim to eradicate nutrition-deserts, by offering high-quality nutrient-dense cold-pressed juice and healthy food and snacks options.

Secondly, we aim to help individuals easily maintain their wellness as their priority when striving to achieve work-life balance, offering cleanses programs and all natural products access.

cold pressed !
what does it mean ?

Cold pressed juices are hydraulically extracted and can help ease the strain of detoxification on your body. They’re chock full of nutrients that are geared towards fighting toxins and boosting immunity and health. 

Cold pressed juice is so potent and instantaneous because it lacks the fibrous pulp of the whole fruits and vegetables. Since the body doesn’t have to break the fiber down in the digestive system before being able to be used, cold pressed juice is like a lightning bolt to the system. 

The nutrients immediately enter the body and start getting to work. That’s why when you take a sip of cold pressed juice, you immediately feel a kick of energy.